Artistic & Creative Inspiration Painting Group
Are you ready to join a painting group that will grow your
decorative painting knowledge & abilities?

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$37 per month
$370 per year
Membership Specials
Monthly Special:  
Use the code - APS10 - at checkout to get your first month as a member for only $10. 
Return to normal rate of $37 per month after first month. 
Offer Expires - 8/23. 
Annual Special:  
Buy the Annual Membership and receive all the finishes that have been taught in 2019! That's all 14 finishes that have been taught this year plus 24 more over the next year.  :)
Offer Expires - 8/23. 
Painting Group Details
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- Learn two new decorative finishes each month
- Each finish will be taught through a step-by-step training tutorial video
- Written instructions and complete list of products and tools used for each finish

- 1st & 3rd Monday each month
- Can't watch it live? No worries, you will be able to find
all information on Member's Site which you can access at anytime!

- Private Facebook Group: Finishes are taught live here so members can interact
and ask Jenn questions.
- Member's Site: You will be able to find all training videos and instructions in an organized way here.

- Monthly: $37 per month
*No stings attached, can cancel at any time

- Annual: $370 per year (2 months free!!)
*One time purchase, non-refundable
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Hear what members, Tammy & Katherine, have to say about being members of the painting group!
Are you ready to take your decorative painting
abilities to a new level?

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$37 per month
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