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Artistic & Creative Inspiration
Painting Group

You are a creative. 

You are an artist. 

Learn to harness these SKILLS and create amazing decorative finishes.

Whether a skilled professional or just getting started, this group is for YOU!


What is an online painting group? 

An online painting group is a community of artists and creatives alike. In this community you are taught new techniques and your current skills are expanded upon. This happens through instructional videos, questions you have being answered through Live videos and a Facebook community, and inspiration from other creative members.

An online painting group is a place where people have a chance to not only learn and expand their creativity, but to be a part of a group of like minded people that inspire and grow you. This community is made up of professional artists, furniture up-cyclers, creative DIYers, and creatives just getting started. 

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Join now!
Membership to the Group Includes the Following

Learning Environment

Everyone in the group is encouraged to share their insight, knowledge & ask all the questions they have! 

Access to Jenn's Artistic & Creative Inspiration Private Group

This Facebook group is where all of the finishes are taught and discussions are held. Jenn's response time to all questions is usually within a couple of hours.

Access to Two Detailed Training Tutorials Each Month

Step-by-step tutorial LIVE videos are taught twice each month on new and exciting decorative finishes. LIVES are held on the 1st & 3rd Monday each month. The finishes vary in style & technique to keep challenging you to grow as an artist. Each video is accompanied by step-by-step instructions, a product list & tools list. 

Access to the Member Site

The Member site is an organized place where you can see all the finishes that have been taught since you've joined the group. Each finish page will have the LIVE video, instructions, and product & tools lists. You will also have access to purchase past finishes taught at a discounted rate!

Access to Scheduled Live Q&As with Jenn

This is a recent/upcoming addition to the painting group. Jenn wants to be available to answer all your questions in a personal and more in depth manner, so she is planning on starting up monthly scheduled Q&As! 

Access to Additional Technical Skill Videos

Heading into 2020, Jenn is looking to add more technical skill videos to the group. These videos will be exclusive to this group and address the technical skill questions you have! 

Access to Discounts in the APS Shop

While you are a member of this group you will receive a discount on all your purchases from the APS Shop. Plus, a few additional exclusive deals throughout the year. 

All of this for only $37 a month!

Why is Jenn qualified to teach you?

Jenn started out her artistic profession over 30 years ago. She started with a small stencil business and over the years has evolved into the decorative painting studio it is today. Along the way she has wrote 4 books, appeared as guest on the Carol Duvall show, taught hundreds (thousands) of artists with in-studio workshops, written blogs & created videos for the like of Hometalk & DIY Magazine, and the list goes on.

Jenn has always had a passion for teaching & sharing all of her creative knowledge. Having students join her in studio for the various workshops she holds throughout the year are some of her favorite weekends! Knowing this kind of time & financial commitment isn't easy for everyone to make, she wanted to create a community of artist she loves to spend time with & teach.. ergo the creation of the Artistic & Creative Inspiration Painting Group.

Join now!
Join now!
If you have any questions, please contact Jenn at: or 714.386.3243